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eDragon Description

Experience a world full of excitement and adventure as you fight alongside your friends and companions in this free-to-play MMORPG. Only the strong will survive...


eDragon is a free-to-play MMORPG that has all of the features you would expect in an online game. You can journey across expansive landscapes and complete quests in order to level your character. There are hundreds of different skills and abilities available to you as you progress; letting you become the most powerful warrior the world has ever seen.

There are three different races you can choose from to represent in eDragon. The powerful Barbarian can unleash devastating attacks with brute force, Humans have a solid knowledge of combat tactics and the gracious Elves are able to weave their way in and out of battle.

eDragon also features many different opponents for you to face in your journeys. Not only are there hundreds of dangerous creatures throughout the world, you must also contend with other players. However, if you are victorious in a battle against another player, you have the opportunity to make them your slave. You will also gain their experience points by doing so, giving you a boost.

Not all players must be defeated. Some areas in eDragon are far too dangerous and difficult for you to challenge alone. You can team up with other players to face these treacherous obstacles and come out victorious.

You can also participate in guilds in eDragon. Find friends and like-minded players in your guild to ensure that you always have an ally only a short distance away. This is also useful when looking for a group to venture into the previously mentioned instances.

With multiple classes and races for you to choose from, eDragon lets you create your own story. Gain experience and level up as you face off against monsters and other players in daring fights. Only the quick-witted and strong will survive…

by Kyle Hayth

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