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Edgeworld Description

The Galactic Union has begun to colonize the abandoned alien planet of Cerulea IV. Now civil war has broken out and you must choose a side for which to fight...


The year is 2711 and the Galactic Union is expanding their territory by attempting to colonize the alien planet of Cerulea IV. The original habitants have disappeared and so it is time for you to claim it as your own. However, civil war is rampant throughout the Union and you must be ready to defend your faction at all costs.

Once you have chosen a side in Edgeworld, you must begin building your base on the alien world from the ground up. The key to building a successful base is collecting enough of the abundant resources on Cerulea IV.

Of course, you will have to defend your base in Edgeworld. You are not alone on the planet and there are those who wish to take your resources. You have the opportunity to set up various kinds of defense turrets with different weapons and ranges to push the invaders back.

Those who have the latest and the greatest weapons are the ones who win wars. In Edgeworld, technology also plays an important role. You must research new technologies to unlock new combat units, featuring a mix of human and alien races, as well as infantry and mechs.

Strategy is the key to winning battles in Edgeworld. You will have to deploy your troops to the battlefield and make sure the function like a well-oiled machine. Having the right mix of units can be crucial to victory.

The now barren planet is yours for the taking. Rise up and conquer it, along with the valuable resources, as you strive to create your own empire in Edgeworld!

by Kyle Hayth

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