Eden Eternal: New Racial Class in Upcoming Content Update to Fantasy MMORPG!

09/09/2011 09:12 am in News

Players of the free MMORPG Eden Eternal have a lot to look forward to, with a large game update planned for the middle of September. New features will include a new race, a crafting system, a player shop, and much more.
Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal

The Eden Eternal content update is scheduled for a release in the middle of September, and comes just months after the last big game update. Publishers of the client-based MMORPG Eden Eternal have hinted at some of what's to come in the upcoming update, including a new Anuran Race, new NPCs, as well as racial special abilities.

The new race that will become available in the upcoming update are known as The Anuran, and are a friendly and outgoing race with frog-like features, a rigid social structure and a light-hearted view of the world. An additional feature to be expected in the update is the abilities for characters over level 30 to collect materials from already established guild towns, in order to craft and create a host of items.

Eden Eternal is a free-to-play MMORPG set in a mysterious fantasy world, in which players must unravel the secrets of the dangerous, yet magical, Soul Stone. Players roam this world as one of several character classes, collecting items, making friends, and learning to harness the power of magic.

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