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Eden Eternal
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Eden Eternal Description

The path to unlock the secrets of the Soul Stone is a long one, fraught with danger. You must complete the journey and discover what knowledge lies with the mighty stone...


Eden Eternal is a free-to-play MMORPG that takes you on a journey to another world full of magic and fantasy. Create your own character with nearly endless customization options and explore the expansive landscapes filled with monsters and other exciting features.

There are multiple races to choose from in Eden Eternal, each with its own path that will unlock the Soul Stone’s secrets. Whether you want to be Human, Beast Man or even Frog Man, you will have a unique place in the world.

Not only can you customize your character, but your clothes as well in Eden Eternal. With an extensive system of dyes, you can create the color combinations of your dreams for your character. More rare dyes you will find from defeating terrifying, powerful creatures or simpler ones you can buy from your local vendor.

Eden Eternal features an incredibly unique class system which allows you to be any class at any time. Start your journey as a healer and wrap your companions in healing magic to protect them from harm or be the most stalwart of defenders as a tank. The choice is yours and you can choose to change at any time, as long as you have unlocked that class.

As a part of a guild in Eden Eternal, you have the ability to create a thriving town. Creating a prosperous town will certainly have its benefits as well. If your town is successful, master craftsmen will come to call your town home and remain there, giving you unlimited opportunities to utilize their skills.

Eternal Eden features an in-depth quest line that will take you to the ends of the world and back again. The free-to-play MMORPG will give you the chance to create and play the character you have always dreamed of while providing you challenging opportunities to make your character better. Play any class that you would like to become the ultimate hero in this online fantasy game.

by Kyle Hayth

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