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Ecol Tactics
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Ecol Tactics Description

Dive into a mystical world full of monsters and magic, battling your way through the land alongside your companions. There are a seemingly endless number of quests to complete across the four massive continents of this turn-based RPG.


In Ecol Tactics you will journey across the world, exploring, destroying enemies, meeting new friends and learning the true depths of your own power and strategic knowhow along the way. You will start off on your own, but will soon learn that in order to progress through the challenges that await you, you will need to recruit a few friends and mercenaries to fight by your side. Using the abilities you already know, ones you will learn as you progress and the skills of everyone you recruit, overcome any foe with well executed tactical decisions, devastating blows and powerful magical spells.

The customization of your adventuring party is practically limitless and will likely be unique for everyone who plays and in each different campaign you start. Not only do you have the option of changing up your character roster as you make your way through the world, meeting new companions and dispatching old ones, you are also able to decide what skills each character will use and how they equip themselves to strengthen various aspects of their combat profile. Ecol Tactics online isn’t just an old school single player RPG though, as you will have plenty of opportunities to team up with friends and other players you meet in the game’s online universe.

Even without downloading a game client, you won’t be confined to reading text or watching boring random number generators in the heat of battle. Instead you will be treated to full scale animations during combat and exploration, along with immediate responses to your in game commands. These fully realized animations and art style only enhance the deep storylines, side quests and combat of Ecol Tactics.

by Jonathan Smith

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