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Earthrise Description

The world has been warped by an apocalyptic catastrophe. Only fractions of humanity have survived and, through use of new technologies, no longer die but not everything is as nice as it appears...


Earthrise is a post-apocalyptic action role-playing game which takes you to a distant future. The third world war is over and humanity barely survived the conflict. Now it is up to you to rebuild society from the ground up. Clones, nanotechnologies and quantum research are all a part of the day-to-day routine of the people of planet earth now. In Earthrise, mankind has managed to unlock the secrets of immortality and master them. The consciousness of every individual is saved in a giant databank and can at any time be put into a clone.

A powerful government now takes care of and monitors all of the activities of mankind and punishes those who break the law. It could be a paradise on earth. However, the government alone decides how long you are allowed to live and the leader, Sal Vitas, has taken on the role of god. This is why you must fight for the resources and power in Earthrise.

In Earthrise, you must decide for whom you wish to fight – either the government troops or the rebels, also known as Noir. Even though there is plenty of high action with live battles, there is plenty of other ways to individualize your character. With over 100 different abilities, characteristics and tactics, you can create a truly unique character. There are no set classes in Earthrise – meaning you can play how you want to play and change at any time. Now, pick up that weapon and fight for your side!

by Kyle Hayth

Earthrise Screenshots

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