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EA Sports UFC
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EA Sports UFC Description

Step into the ring and punch your way to fame and glory in this mobile app brought to you by Electronic Arts! Fight as often as you'd like and challenge other brawlers in both single match-ups and seasonal tournaments. Unlock new fighters as you play...


Watching two burly men fight it out on a television screen is fun and all, but how often would you have liked to interfere and use your own strategy to take home the prize? Many times, we bet. With EA Sports UFC, it’s your time to train an impeccable fighter and claim the ultimate bragging rights when playing against other players online in this fighting game. Instill fear in your opponents by unleashing devastating attacks and unlocking special moves that will send your counterpart flying across the screen!

Once you download the free sports app on your smartphone or tablet, you decide which fighter you want to step inside the ring with. More than 70 unique characters are split into four different weight classes and all follow their very own fighting strategy. Pick the one that you like best and join the fun in EA Sports UFC. It's time to prove to everyone that you are the toughest brawler in the business! Gather experience and level up as you participate in real-world events and tournaments. Whether it’s Jose Aldo or Chad Mendes, every fighter has the potential to reach the top of the ranking if you're good at tapping the touchscreen and have a solid strategy.

Free apps like the ones put out by Electronic Arts usually get a lot of slack for hiding the most exciting gameplay features behind a massive paywall. This is not the case with EA Sports UFC, however, as there aren’t any lives or limitations to how often you can fight. Enter the ring as often as you would like and grind your way to the top of the leaderboards in the sports mobile game. Take on other brawlers at your own pace and choose which step to take next on your path to fame and glory. The more you battle, the faster you will earn currency which can be spent on purchasing new characters, upgrading abilities or getting in another few rounds of basic training.

EA Sports UFC is free-to-play available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

EA Sports UFC Screenshots

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