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Dynasty Saga
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Dynasty Saga Description

Gather and train your armies, fortify your city walls, and be prepared for intense strategic warfare in this browser-based game. An epic saga awaits you and your battalion of troops...


When starting the strategy game Dynasty Saga, you must select a General who will be the leader and inspirer of your empire. Following that you participate in an in-game tutorial to help get you familiarized with the game. There are several exciting components that will keep you occupied in Dynasty Saga. These include construction of your empire, training for your generals and army, military campaigns, equipment enhancement, challenging quests and missions, enlightenment and taxation.

The most basic way of earning precious silver is by collecting taxes at your City Hall, and can be collected every 30 minutes up to twelve times a day. Other methods include leveling up your residences, raising your title, completing missions and occupying precious silver mines. Once you have collected your taxes, you should begin to train your generals to ensure you are best prepared for military campaigns and defense of your empire. In the free-to-play strategy game Dynasty Saga you must ensure you maintain enough grain to supply your empire. Grain is obtained by occupying farms, or through purchase at the in-game market.

By overthrowing your opposing forces, your city levels up; rises to higher regions. With every defeat comes prestige, which determines both your status and your income. Battle formation is a crucial factor in the success of your warfare, and it is important to tactically choose from the eight varying battle formations in Dynasty Saga. Valuable items and equipment can be bound, which will help protect your account from being sabotaged. Players also have the opportunity to form powerful legions, for extra force and security in the thrilling strategy-based game Dynasty Saga.

Dynasty Saga Screenshots

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