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Dynastica Description

You have been born in the lap of luxury and privilege. Become the heir of the empire that you are destined to be and claim all the lands as your own through force and diplomacy...


Dynastica is a free-to-play online strategy game that will test your skills of diplomacy and tactics. Create an empire from the ground up as you use your special abilities and armies to bring all of the lands under your control.

There are four different areas in which you can specialize in when playing Dynastica. Become a master of warfare, trade, magic and religion in order to secure your place in your empire. Only by mastering these skills will you be able to help your empire grow.

Your empire is not the only one in the world and therefore you must secure allies. Dynastica has hundreds of players online that you will play with and you must forge alliances with them. The best alliances are made up of players with differing skill sets which complement each other and provide the most diverse abilities.

The ultimate goal in Dynastica is for you to dominate the world. With over 50 players vying to control the world at any given point, you must utilize your skills and call upon your allies to secure what is rightfully yours.

Do you have what it takes to forge an empire from nothing and end up controlling everything? Remember, the skills that you explore and master as ruler of your kingdom will be passed on to your heirs, just as those from your ancestors were passed onto you.

Dynastica Screenshots

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