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Dwarven Den
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Dwarven Den Description

Use your pickaxe or explosive bombs to explore underground ruins and play through puzzles of various difficulties in this colorful mobile game available for most iOS devices. Each and every block you remove will get you closer to reaching the goal...


Due to to their stubby little legs and sturdy body, dwarves are not known as the most agile of fantasy races. What they lack in dexterity and quickness, however, they make up with their superhuman strength and ability to dig hole after hole without showing any signs of exhaustion. This innate talent comes handy in Dwarven Den, the free mobile game that sends you on a journey through underground dungeons and dark tunnels. Dozens of levels challenge you to rescue another miner trapped at the end of each dungeon and it is up to you to find the right way with a limited set of chances. This means that if you don’t accomplish your goal within a given number of moves, the mission fails and you have to start the respective level from scratch.

Reaching your goal in Dwarven Den requires you to make use of your mobile device's touchscreen - whether that’s your iPhone or iPad - and tap the block you want to get rid of. That is how you pave the way for your character to follow. Keep in mind that you should always keep an eye out for treasure chambers or gem nodes as you are on the way to rescue your bearded friend. Getting your hands on gold coins, jewels or additional loot will help you progress through the free-to-play title and make finishing certain levels easier. The more shiny coins you have, the better the tools are that you can forge in this casual mobile game. Use them to break through blocks of clay, stone or amethyst.

Be aware of monsters when venturing inside caves! Everything from mummies to stone golems is waiting for unsuspecting adventurers to make the wrong move and stumble across haunted chests and blocked pathways. Each and every level in Dwarven Den is made up by tricky puzzles that will require nerves of steel and strategic thinking. Don’t worry if you can't unlock new challenges on the first try, as you can always start over and give it another shot.

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