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Durango Description

In a world where man and dinosaur live side by side, nothing is as important as always having access to resources, food and water. Channel your inner survivalist and show other players that you have the wits to build your own base and stay safe...


Ah, dinoaurs. There's something so mysterious about these pre-historic giants that we, as a society, just can't seem to get enough of them. Dinosaurs are everywhere these days: in movie theaters, on television, in books and even on our gaming screens. Nexon joined the dinosaur craze by giving nerds like us the opportunity to live alongside these massive lizards and fight for survival in an online reality. In Durango, you are a scavenger looking for a safe haven. The problem is, however, that in this world, no place will ever be completely safe again.

From the makers of Vindictus comes a mobile game available to players worldwide. Once you create a character that you feel comfortable with, you will join thousands of other survivalists on their quest to see another day. This is of course easier said than done as you are surrounded by dangerous creatures and truly on your own. You need to look for food, build a shelter and stay on top of your mental health in Durango. Forget all the luxuries you know from the real world. Here, having a temporary roof over your head will feel like a blessing. Chopping down wood, learning how to make a campfire and going on hunting and foraging trips will be part of your everyday life once you join the adventure universe provided to you by Nexon (MapleStory).

The more resources you collect by exploring nearby forests, the bigger the chance that you will soon be able to craft basic tools and come up with weapon blueprints. While being one with nature sounds like a peaceful journey in theory, Durango is a real-time strategy title that requires the right battle tactics for you to survive. Whether it be aggressive dinosaurs or other players looking for a little bit of extra loot: There’s always something to look out for here, no matter how sturdy the walls of your base may seem.

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