Dungeons and Dragons Online: New Missions in Update 18

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Dungeons and Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons Online

Disciples of Shadow, also known as Update 18, brings new content to the online role-playing game that is most commonly abbreviated as DDO. To give you the scoop on what features will be free-to-play, we have gathered information and patch notes for you, fellow gamerz. Now that the update has hit the live servers, you get to experience two new missions that deal with interwoven storylines, but can be completed independently from each other.

The first mission features cultists and owl bears, all for you to eradicate. In Disciples of Shar, you venture into gloomy caves and seek the truth of what really happened to the people of Eveningstar. In a quest called Escape Plan, you need to track down a high priority target that has gone missing, all while keeping an eye on a group of prisoners that are being transported to Wheloon Prison. Check out the following screenshots to find out what you can expect in Dungeons and Dragons Online, now that Update 18 is online:
If you are willing to reach into your real-life pocket, you can unlock additional content by pre-ordering the upcoming expansion - including prestige characters, adventure packs and an increased level cap. According to the official website, Shadowfell Conspiracy will be released on August 19th later this year.
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