Dungeons and Dragons Online
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Dungeons and Dragons Online
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Dungeons and Dragons Online Description

Upon entering this fantasy world, be prepared to unsheathe your sword and battle against mythical beasts and cutthroat bandits. Give your trust not just to anyone, as there are many traitors hiding in the shadows, waiting for you to make a simple mistake.


This fantasy themed MMORPG is based on the classic Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game. It is time to replace your pen with a dagger and get slaying, mighty warrior! When creating a character, take a good look at racial differences because it influences your play style. An example: Elves have mastered the art of sword fighting, whereas dwarves are most excellent at wielding battle axes.

In Dungeons and Dragons Online, you gather experience points by slaying monsters and completing quests. Once you gain a level, you get to spend points on different attributes. While Strength increases the amount of loot you can carry, Intelligence determines the amount of spell points you have. By enhancing your equipment, you are able to imbue your weapon with fiery power or fortify selected armor pieces. Wearing magically infused jewelry not only makes your character look beautiful, but also gives you heightened resistances against elemental forces like fire, ice or lightning.

It is you who decides your character’s biography and the lore that goes along with it. By choosing an alignment, you can either turn your adventurer into a good-hearted citizen or embrace the dark side within yourself. If you enjoy getting along with pretty much everyone, feel free to stay neutral.

Almost every instance is available in multiple difficulty settings, ranging from normal to epic. When going on a journey through dungeons, be aware of traps or stealthy enemies that might lurk around the corner. Remember to use your search skill regularly - with a little bit of luck, you might find hidden passages that hold new challenges. It is always a good idea to bring friends when venturing into unknown territory, as you never know what's going to happen. Befriending healer classes is a wise choice, since regenerating health and mana points in Dungeons and Dragons Online requires a rest shrine.

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