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Dungeon Viva
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Dungeon Viva Description

Live the life of a dungeon lord and create a sprawling underground empire from the ground up. Finally strike back at the heroes that always seem to walk away with the glory and treasures...


Dungeon Viva is a free-to-play online browser game based on the Unity 3D Engine. With incredible, browser-based graphics, you will need to create an empire and design your very own dungeon. Fight heroes and other players with monsters that you develop into fighting machines.

You have to build your monster’s lairs in Dungeon Viva. Create these minions to help you defend your home against those who attack you. Heroes will continuously come from the nearby villages, giving you a different perspective on the traditional gaming experience.

As your monsters advance in level, you will have to learn new abilities and skills. Dungeon Viva will pit players against one another and against the world. You must use these new skills and abilities to make your monsters more powerful to survive the constant onslaught.

Though Dungeon Viva is all about making your kingdom the biggest and best around, you will also have to work as a team. Your fellow players will be required to complete some quests in the underworld as they cannot possibly be completed alone. Cooperation is the key to some aspects of the game and you should make sure to remember that.

Build your underground empire from scratch. Design every aspect and create an army of monsters to do your bidding in this free-to-play browser strategy game. Fight with thousands of other players or team up to beat a particularly bothersome hero all to make sure that you have the best kingdom in Dungeon Viva.

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