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Dungeon Keeper
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Dungeon Keeper Description

Unleash your inner demon and make Horny - the most iconic devil in the history of video games - proud by taking down the competition and slaying any goody two-shoes that roams this fantasy mobile game. Evil minions will help you defend your territory...


For the first time in the history of the Dungeon Keeper franchise, you not only get to protect and defend what is yours, but also launch attacks on other players in online battles. Being victorious in this free mobile game will not only boost your reputation among the community. Nope! You can also plunder resources and fill up your dungeon’s treasure chamber with riches that used to belong to other keepers. Mwahaha! While this new installment is not quite as dark and sinister as the original two Dungeon Keeper games made by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts, you will certainly come across some of the same minions and find familiar gameplay mechanics.

Don’t worry about getting your hands dirty in Dungeon Keeper, as you will have more than enough imps to carry gold, take over new territories and explore unknown areas. The most important thing to stay afloat in this free-to-play strategy game is to protect the core of your dungeon. Once enemy troops reach its heart, your legacy of being the sole ruler of the underworld is tainted forever. And trust us: There’s no way you want to show your weaknesses in this mobile game...

Both player-versus-environment and player-versus-player challenges will keep you busy when playing Dungeon Keeper on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. No matter who you are up against, whether that’s an army of monsters or your friends - make sure you come up with a clever dungeon layout and take good care of your loyal servants. Keeping them happy will require food, sleep, training... and the occasional slap. Only when they are content with how you are treating them will they hoard your treasures and protect you with their life. Some minions will meet their challengers head-on while others prefer hiding in the shadows, waiting to strike anyone that passes through the dungeon gates.

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