Dungeon Fighter Online
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Dungeon Fighter Online
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Dungeon Fighter Online Description

Prepare to be launched into gruesome battles and intense combat in dimly lit dungeons against your relentless opponents, in this thrilling free to play online game...


Dungeon Fighter Online takes you into a realm full of dark, dangerous and action-packed dungeons, with enemies and challenges lurking behind the darkness. Each unique dungeon enables you to gain experience points, as you take on evil enemy monsters and test out your strategic and tactical skills. There are numerous dungeons to explore, and each has varying degrees of difficulty, so you are able to be challenged and level up every time you play.

In Dungeon Fighter Online there are six various character classes to choose from including the Female Gunner, Male Gunner, Slayer, Fighter, Mage and Priest. The female gunner is swift and highly disciplined, whereas the Male Gunner stealthily attacks with brutal force from afar. The Slayer is a skilled swordsman, who also uses the power of magic, like the Mage, who can cast spells that single-handedly destroy her enemies.

The Fighter is fierce, powerful and strong and prefers close-range combat, and the Priest, driven by faith uses sheer force, backed by his self-healing abilities to thrash his enemies. In Dungeon Fighter Online you can personalise your character with powerful weaponry, unique clothing, as well as accessories. Each character yields their own impressive skills, including the Wave Wheel Slayer, the Gore Cross, the Doppelganger, the Phoenix Hammer and the Needle Sobat.

Band together with your friends and form a mighty guild with which to face your opponents. The stronger your guild is the higher your success rate will be. Dungeon Fighter Online has components of both PvE and PvP, giving you plenty of variety. With keyboard-focused play, take on other players in epic battles in the glorious arena. There are various job enhancements, including rangers, mechanics and launchers, as well as a multitude of sub-classes.

Put on your armour, load your weapons, and prepare to enter the dark and deadly unknowns that are the dungeons of Dungeon Fighter Online.

by Kyle Hayth

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