Dungeon Empires
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Dungeon Empires
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Dungeon Empires Description

It is up to you to design your very own dungeons and challenge your friends to make it though alive. Can you make the most difficult dungeon and become a famous dungeon master?


Utilizing the powerful 3D engine Unity, Dungeon Empires is a free-to-play browser-based MMOG that features high-quality graphics which will make your dungeon experience that much more terrifying. Facing off against giant monsters and travelling through dark passages are brought to life in right in your browser.

You must design dungeons that challenge players to make it though alive in Dungeon Empires. The less survivors that make it through your dungeon, the more fame your dungeon will have. It is not such an easy task though, to design your own dungeon.

When designing your own dungeon, you will be able to choose how the layout looks and exactly where you want to place your traps and monsters in Dungeon Empires. By creating a challenging environment, you have the chance to become a famous dungeon master. However, your dungeon is not the only one in the world…

Because Dungeon Empires is an online game that features hundreds of other players as well as you, you have the opportunity to explore other people’s dungeons. As you wander the halls of new, challenging dungeons, you will be able to level and train your own monsters. If you are good enough to complete these dungeons, you can even earn new items to add to your own.

Dungeon Empires features a turn-based combat system that lets you apply your own tactics to your fights. Turn-based combat allows you to change your strategy mid-battle because after you attack, you must wait for the enemy to strike back. Use the best strategy to defeat your enemies and survive until the end of the dungeon.

The more adventurous players that perish in your dungeon, the more famous it will become in the world of Dungeon Empires. Create a dungeon that not only challenges players, but keeps them on their toes as well by carefully placing traps and monsters. Gain items to add to your own dungeon by complete those made by others and become the most famous dungeon master of all time!

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