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Dungeon Blitz
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Dungeon Blitz Description

Explore vast underground dungeons and take on the hordes of monsters headed your way. Unlock mysterious passageways and collect treasure along the way...


Dungeon Blitz is a browser-based casual online game set in a colorful fantasy world in medieval times. As a brave knight, your mission is to explore the dark dungeons below the earth's surface in the hunt for valuable treasure. Take on curious creatures and fire-breathing dragons as you navigate your way underground. The massively multiplayer online game Dungeon Blitz allows players to team up with their friends and take on boss monsters together.

In the beginning, you can choose which class you want to lead into battle. Will it be the Paladin, the Rogue, or the Mage? Each of these classes excels in different areas, so it is entirely up to you which style you prefer. They all have unique skills and strengths, and a distinct fighting style. For example, the rogue has support skills including the armor smasher, greater enfeeble, hawk strike, poison strike, flurry of blows, and much more. Naturally, the Mage conjures magic spells to deal damage to enemies or heal allies. Paladins are robust warriors who swiftly dash towards the frontline of each battle. To our delight, each of the classes comes in a male and female version which are completely equal in their depiction. If you are not looking for sexist depictions of women, you should give Dungeon Blitz a try! As if that wasn't enough, the cartoon look gives some other browser based games a run for their money. The more experience your character has, the more skills you can unlock, and the more chances of receiving valuable prizes and medals you will have. With every victory achieved in the MMOG Dungeon Blitz you get closer to winning the Goblin Slayer or even the prized King of the World medals.

The free-to-play game Dungeon Blitz is available in the browser of your choice without any downloads. You can simply login from any PC and continue your exciting action-packed dungeon adventure!

by Kyle Hayth

Dungeon Blitz Screenshots

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