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What to expect:
  • Real Time Strategy with MOBA Influences
  • Short Multiplayer Matches for 2 Players
  • Three Mech Classes
  • Many Different Battle Mechs with Unique Abilities
  • Graphic Engine Supports 4K Resolution
  • Download Games
  • PvP
  • Gameforge
  • Online Games
  • PC Games
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Play Dropzone for Free – MOBA Meets Real Time Strategy

Battle-Mechs, evil aliens, challenging PvP duels, and a dash of MOBA: Find all of this in the free-to-play strategy game Dropzone!


The future is a grim place in the free-to-play strategy game Dropzone developed by Sparkypants Studios and published by Gameforge. The online game takes place in the 22nd century, in a time when humankind relies on one extremely precious and mysterious energy resource called Cores. Without this resource, life on Earth has become basically impossible. The unfortunate part about this is that Cores don't naturally occur on Earth, but on a distant celestial body. As a result, humans regularly travel to the Jupiter moon Europa, where Cores are naturally found. Of course, it is not quite that easy to find, mine, and transport the rare resource back home in Dropzone. An alien race called the Kavash is also out for the Cores, and they are anything but friendly companions.

Other Humans and Aliens Are Your Enemies in Dropzone

As you might imagine, the Kavash are not your only problem in Dropzone. Your main opponents are other players. Since the Cores are so vital to human life, everyone is out for them. Why would you cooperate when you might as well just battle it out against each other? In the free-to-play online game, you won’t just choose any soldiers to fight against other players, but mech-pilots. They control powerful battle mechs that are available in three different classes: Tanks can easily take in a lot of damage; Gunners have particularly strong attacks; and Mechanics are optimal as support.

This sounds a lot like a MOBA, and the developers have admitted in the past that they have been influenced by this popular genre. Every mech has very unique abilities that can be unleashed onto opponents using the same keys as in League of Legends and co.

The Race for Resources Has Begun

There is one significant difference to MOBAs in Dropzone. You won’t control only one unit as part of a team, but you will take control of three robots at once, dueling against other players in one-on-one PvP matches. Keep an eye on the map, as you will constantly run into Kavash that are trying to steal the Cores. In order to win a match, you need to destroy the aliens, mine the resource, and bring it to the middle of the map, where it is loaded onto your ship. Every map also features optional goals that will bring in extra points. Each match lasts approximately 15 minutes which makes Dropzone optimal for a short game in between.

Dropzone Screenshots

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