Driver Speedboat Paradise
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Driver Speedboat Paradise
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Driver Speedboat Paradise Description

Time to get behind the wheel of a speedboat and participate in global races! Be quick, be ruthless, and prove to the online world that you have what it takes to unlock achievements and kick other contestants to the curb in Ubisoft's free mobile app...


High-speed races sound like a good time to you? You’re not afraid of the water? Then step right up and check out Driver Speedboat Paradise, a free mobile game brought to you by Ubisoft (Monkey King Escape). There’s plenty to explore in this app, but before we dive into the details of this online game, let’s get the basic information out of the way: Here, you unlock speedboats and take on other players in action-packed races not only to claim the ultimate bragging rights, but also to snatch up trophies and complete all achievements before anyone else.

Reaching the finish line is far from the only goal in this free-to-play game, as there are multiple play modes to choose from, all with their respective objectives. From weekly tournaments to drag races that will have you holding on to your steering wheel for dear life: Driver Speedboat Paradise offers 3D graphics no matter which mission you decide to take on next. Keep in mind that although new players start out with just one boat to their name, it won’t take long for you to unlock other models. More than 20 different boats are currently available in this mobile game, all of them customizable and ready to turn you into a winner!

As a racer on the lookout for big prizes, you will visit all corners of the world including stunning locations such as Cancun or the Bahamas. No luxury is too expensive for you in this app: Pimping your speedboat is only one way for you to show off your riches here. You can also use hard-earned currency to purchase houses and add snappy clothes to your inventory. Every little bit of bravado counts, especially when going up against your peers in esteemed online tournaments. Speed, maneuverability, and knowing when to activate power-ups will get you far in the world of high-speed racing and cutthroat challenges...

Driver Speedboat Paradise Screenshots

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Driver Speedboat Paradise News

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