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Dreamlords Description

In this massively multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS), your mission as a semi-divine lord is to expand a small settlement into a thriving city...


The client-based online game Dreamlords is set in an intricate fantasy world; a world which you strive to conquer as a powerful and inspiring semi-divine Dreamlord. You must research new forms of troops, discover new technologies and gather valuable resources, in order to empower your empire. Band together with your allies and conquer vast expanses of land, taking on the ferocious Nightmares that loom over the land.

By combining the strength of your Dreamlord with a mighty army in the fantasy client game Dreamlords, you engage in both PvE and PvP real-time strategy action. Embark on tricky quests and missions with friends, and take on atrocious boss monsters. Join forces with other Dreamlords clans, and coordinate your troops to maximize your chances of victory. Trade goods and complete convergence quests with your allied clans, and prevail as a team.

It is crucial in Dreamlords to distinguish who your friends and enemies are, as some will assist you in battle, and others will seek to destroy you and conquer your land. Strive to beat them to the punch and begin conquering enemy territory right away. As your empire grows, it will attract increasing numbers of citizens. It is your duty to assign your citizens with various roles, including researchers, craftsmen, gatherers and warriors.

There are significant opportunities for character development in the fantasy-themed client game Dreamlords, whereby with every success, you are able to unlock new equipment, increased building and gathering efficiency, or improved health. The path of your Dreamlord and the future of your empire lie directly in your hands.

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