Dreamland Online
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Dreamland Online
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Dreamland Online Description

In this colorful online game, you are able to obtain special mounts, take care of adorable pets, and discover an intricate fantasy world – the stuff dreams as well as nightmares are made of...


Dreamland Online is a fun online game that will take you back to your childhood, where the imagination knew no limits. There are eight rich and vivid varying worlds to explore in the MMORPG Dreamland Online, including creepy forests, ancient evil castles or colorful paradises.

You start the game in the lush Mushroom Village, slaying chickens in the nearby forest to kick-off your warrior training. Once you’re confident in your sword-wielding ability, the next challenges await you. You are then able to explore the fertile Golden Manor, the dangerous Misty Forest and the captured South Sea Village, and demonstrate your abilities as a warrior.

In the fantasy client game Dreamland Online there are a number of pet types that will help you in battle, and simply keep you company on your sometimes treacherous journeys. There are natural, humanoid, flying, metal, poisonous, elemental, undead, phantom and dragonkin pets to choose from, each with their own quirky character traits and skills. In addition to this, players can obtain several thrilling mounts, including cute llamas, beasts, pigs, yaks, mammoths, robots, dinosaurs, skateboards, flying carpets and more. The client-based game Dreamland Online will awaken your imagination and take you back to your youth.

There are also several thrilling quests you can embark on in Dreamland Online including Bounty Quests, Repeated Quests, Collecting Quests, Instance Quests and Rebirth Quests. These will take players on exciting adventures across all expanses of Dreamland.

by Kyle Hayth

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