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Dreamfields Description

Getting your hands on gold coins and moon crystals in this social game takes a little bit of dedication - but boy, is it worth it. Just create a new profile and you are ready to start expanding your fantasy farm...


The wondrous world of Dreamfields is full of magical creatures that are counting on you to save the day. Pluck up your courage, head into enchanted forests and build your very own farm - that should give you enough resources to keep yourself afloat and survive another day in this colorful browser title.

Are you a fan of games like Farmerama or Goodgame Big Farm? Then this free online game should be right up your alley - except that in Deamfields, you get to make up your own farm animals. Forget the same old pigs and cattle you have seen oh-so-many-times before. Just think of any fantasy creature you have always wanted to tend to and make your dream come true with a couple of clicks! Keeping an eye out for daily quests and other tasks that citizens of this fantasy world might have for you will pay off in the long run, as completing these will give you enough experience points to not only level up, but also unlock new items and crops, which you can then plant on your farm.

Moving up in the world of Dreamfields might not look very difficult at first, that much can be said about the browser-based farming simulator. It won’t take long, however, until you need to pay close attention to what plants and fruit you want to grow and how much in-game currency you want to spend on boosts that will make life on the farm easier for you and your friends. As you play through the various missions Dreamfields has to offer, you will notice that planting certain items on your farm attract new guests. Need an extra pair of hands to take care of the dirty work? No problem! Just make sure you have enough raspberry jam and it won’t take long before bears will visit your farm and help with gathering new resources. Moon crystals make up the premium currency of this otherwise free-to-play game. These can be either bought with real life money or by completing challenging quests.

Dreamfields Screenshots

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