Dream of Mirror Online
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Dream of Mirror Online
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Discover the World of Dream of Mirror Online

As one of four varying races, players can discover an alternate reality in this fantasy MMORPG - a world in which there is no time; only sunrise and sunset.


Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) is a client-based role-playing game based on Ancient Chinese mythology. Your mission is to solve the mysteries behind the elusive Kunlun Mirror, the magical portal to another world. According to legend, the Kunlun Mirror created the world as we know it, and has the power to destroy it. Protected by a stronghold of twelve mirror kings, the land beyond the mirror has avoided the corruption and destruction of evil forces – until now…

Following the disappearance of some of these mirror kings, a powerful and mysterious force threatens the future of the Kunlun Mirror, and in turn the future of our earth. As one of four character classes in Dream of Mirror Online, you will enter this magical world and attempt to stop evil before it destroys everything. These classes include Humans, Sylphs, Shuras and Sprites, each of which represent different values and has their own strengths and combative skills.

In addition to selecting a character class in the client-based game Dream of Mirror Online you can also choose a profession. There are numerous professions to choose from, each of which forges a unique path for your character. Some professions in the social MMORPG Dream of Mirror Online include Witch Doctor, Thief, Blademaster, Hunter, Martial Artist, Doctor, Musician, Dancer and Wizard. The game features endless customization options for your character including hairstyles, hair colors, costumes and facial features, giving you the chance to show off your personal flair.

Dream of Mirror Online features has a large social component, allowing you to make friends and connect with players from all over the world. Join the excitement and fun of this social MMORPG, and unlock the mysteries behind the precious Kunlun Mirror.

by Kyle Hayth

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