Dreadnought: Big Reset Erases all Game Data

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In August, the development studio Yager Development announced that the science-fiction game Dreadnought was going to receive a brand new progression system. While there is still no specific release date for the update, the developers are currently estimating that they will be able to launch it at the end of September. The changes will be so significant that Yager is forced to reset all game data. Of course, the studio will make sure to give players their special items and bundles back after the wipe. Earned credits will not be re-granted, however. The Dreadnought community should already be prepared for another wipe that will take place once the online game goes into its open beta. The public testing phase is currently scheduled for the fall. Anyone who hasn’t been able to participate in the closed beta doesn’t need to wait much longer to delve into the sci-fi adventure.

The following data will be reset during the wipe: Captain Rank, Ship Modules that were purchased and unlocked, store purchases, credits, and match-making rank. The same data will be reset once the game starts its open beta. Players should make use of the time between the two testing phases to try out certain items. Further resets are not currently planned.

Source: Official game homepage

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