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What to expect:
  • Become the commander of a gargantuan battleship in this free sci-fi game
  • Form a team with other players and battle it out against another team
  • Choose between five unique ship classes
  • Explore unique maps in outer space
  • Immerse yourself in a vivid and vast sci-fi world
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  • Science-Fiction
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Take Control of a Battleship in Dreadnought, the Free Sci-Fi Game

Take a seat behind the steering wheel of a massive spaceship. You are the captain and you will lead your crew to success or death in Dreadnought.


Believe it or not, NASA is currently working on making warp space-travel reality. Sooner or later, giant spaceships will explore galaxies that are millions of lightyears away. While this still sounds like science fiction to most people, it might actually come true one day. If you don’t want to wait this long to become the captain of your own major spaceship, you should take a closer look at Dreadnought. While it is not quite reality, it does feel good sometimes to make your biggest dreams come true in the digital worlds of video games.

The space game is set in a universe in which chaos reigns. It is a harsh period of endless wars and everyone has learned to fend for themselves in order to survive and make the best of their life. As you might’ve guessed, the war of this universe is based on precious resources that are being fought over. Two factions are in a constant war and are trying their best to get a superior hold on them. While many captains find this era of hardship a difficult time to thrive, mercenaries have found that it is actually an age of plenty. Many possibilities lurk around every single corner.

You will find yourself in that specific role. As a mercenary, you will be on neither side of this gruesome war, but will be an outsider who is trying to collect bounty throughout the galaxy. Rank doesn’t matter for you, but grit and fortitude does. Only the most ruthless and cunning mercenary will be able to make a fortune in this universe.

In Dreadnought, you will have a spaceship to call your own. Numerous main and side quests await you. Succeed in these to collect nifty rewards, objects, and loot and precious experience points. Slowly but surely, you will have the resources and the level to improve your spaceship and explore new parts of the galaxy.

The free-to-play game developed by Yager and published by Grey Box is perfect for anyone that is looking for heated sci-fi action that require a certain amount of tactical thinking.

Dreadnought Screenshots

Dreadnought Screenshot-0Dreadnought Screenshot-1Dreadnought Screenshot-2Dreadnought Screenshot-3Dreadnought Screenshot-4Dreadnought Screenshot-5Dreadnought Screenshot-6Dreadnought Screenshot-7Dreadnought Screenshot-8Dreadnought Screenshot-9Dreadnought Screenshot-10Dreadnought Screenshot-11Dreadnought Screenshot-12Dreadnought Screenshot-13Dreadnought Screenshot-14Dreadnought Screenshot-15Dreadnought Screenshot-16Dreadnought Screenshot-17Dreadnought Screenshot-18Dreadnought Screenshot-19Dreadnought Screenshot-20Dreadnought Screenshot-21Dreadnought Screenshot-22Dreadnought Screenshot-23Dreadnought Screenshot-24Dreadnought Screenshot-25

Dreadnought News

  • Dreadnought: Big Reset Erases all Game Data

    09/13/2016 06:47 am - In August, the development studio Yager Development announced that the science-fiction game Dreadnought was going to receive a brand new progression system. While there is still no specific release date for the update, the developers are currently es...more

  • Dreadnought: New Patch Brings Maps and Daily Contracts

    07/06/2016 07:19 am - Developer Yager Development and publisher Greybox have announced a new update for their upcoming action game set in space called Dreadnought. The online game has been in its closed beta since April and is scheduled to go into its open beta later this...more

  • Dreadnought: Closed Beta Starting this Week

    04/27/2016 07:30 am - Earlier this month, the guys and girls over at Yager announced that Dreadnought would start its open beta later this year. At that point, the upcoming multiplayer game had been in its very early testing, and players had been able to sign up for the e...more

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