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Dragons World
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Dragons World Description

Have you ever wanted to breed your own dragons? Well, now you can! Raise these beautiful yet ferocious creatures in your very own dragon sanctuary and prepare for battle as you go head-to-head with other players in a 3D fantasy world.


Dragons World is a free-to-play mobile game that immerses you into a 3D fantasy environment, with interactive 3D camera rotation. Set up your sanctuary as you explore the floating islands and invest in mysterious dragon eggs. Raise your scaly lizards and see them grow into ferocious predators, majestic creatures of the sky, or simply beautiful pets. Be prepared though, for at any moment you could be in a sizzling, hot, battle against other players online.

This free-to-play mobile game allows you to make friends and visit their islands where you can exchange gifts and be inspired by their wonderful sanctuaries, not to mention be in awe over their magical creatures. You can cross breed your scaly pets to create entirely new types and species and impress your friends with a collection of the rarest dragons around, such as the elusive Coldfire dragon known for its beauty, grace, and striking blue coloration. How your breeding attempts will turn out is partly up to you and partly down to dragon genetics in this simulation. Each creature has their attributed elements, from magic to fire, which are responsible for the dragon's breed. If you are lucky, you may produce a rare egg from which you can raise a rare breed of dragon.

Acquire new areas as you construct and expand your sanctuary on one of the many 3D floating islands, which will serve as a base for you to nurture and train your unusual pets. There are five islands for you to explore, each with unique and spellbinding scenery. Use them to build new habitats of different shapes and sizes each with mystical qualities designed to help you raise your powerful monsters. You can also construct buildings and enhance your sanctuary with decorative objects and statues.

Once your dragons are strong enough you can go head-to-head with other players online as you battle it out with your newly trained beasts. Dragons World is free to download and is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android.

by William Hankin

Dragons World Screenshots

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