Dragon's Prophet
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Dragon's Prophet
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Dragon's Prophet Description

You have been summoned to the land of Auratia, where it is up to you to capture and tame the wild dragons that rule the sky and secure the future of your home world in Dragon’s Prophet.


There are few things that pose a greater threat than the deadly dragons that roam Auratia, but one is looming over the horizon and it is up to you to hold this evil at bay in the new free to play Fantasy MMO from Sony Online Entertainment. Since the only power that comes close to this imminent threat is that of the dragons, you will be tasked with bringing them into the fight at your side or as your personal mount. You will be able to capture and tame more than 300 different dragons, each of which will offer unique powers and abilities to help topple your foes.

Combat aboard a Dragon is fast paced and intense. You will have the ability to lock on to targets and will focus your efforts on building up combos to increase your damage, rather than meticulously calculating what skills will offer the most efficient and highest damage. This focus on combos and quick reactions will be different than what most MMO players are used to, offering a more responsive combat system that has the possibility of being more rewarding, but also much more punishing. Mastery will only come from playing and practicing your fighting style in Dragon’s Prophet.

Aside from the quick draw combat, there are also expansive housing and frontier systems to provide further depth to the game and a more detailed setting. With these systems you will be able to build your own home however you see fit and even team up with other players to develop whole communities. Once you have set up shop with other players, you’ll also have the option of building up a fortress together to protect your newly established settlement.

These are only a few of the features in Dragon’s Prophet, you will also come across many of the things that are familiar to MMO players such as quests, classes and PvP throughout your adventures in Auratia.

by Jonathan Smith

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