Dragons of Atlantis
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Dragons of Atlantis
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Dragons of Atlantis Description

Buried beneath the waves for centuries, the lost city of Atlantis is being torn apart by warring tribes. Join the battle in Dragons of Atlantis!


Dragons of Atlantis takes you deep under the oceans of the world to the lost city of Atlantis. You mus harness the power of the Ancient Ones in order to create an empire from the ground up and defeat the other tribes seeking to destroy you.

In this ancient and mystical land is where you will begin to build your empire. Dragons of Atlantis challenges you to forge a kingdom from nothing and take on other tribes in battle in order to secure the ultimate power as yours.

As the title suggests, dragons play an integral role in Dragons of Atlantis. You can raise a dragon from a little creature up to a mighty beast and have it help you defend your city. Having such a powerful ally could prove useful in a time of need and could also help push back any of those brave enough to enter your domain.

Ancient wisdom has also been lost throughout the ages and if you find it in Dragons of Atlantis, you can harness this power and boost your abilities. This works in many ways and could improve your troops as well as your structures throughout your empire. Speaking of which, it will up to you to establish a city and constantly expand it. Upgrade buildings, train troops and build an army of mythological creatures, including your dragons.

No one said that you would have to fight the great numbers by yourself. In Dragons of Atlantis, you can team up with other players in an alliance. By joining an alliance you gain the advantage of strength in numbers and are not such an easy target for your enemies.

With dragons, monsters, minotaurs and more at your command, you must conquer the ancient, lost world of Atlantis in Dragons of Atlantis. Build an empire from the ground up while making allies and enemies alike as you attempt to go down as one of the legendary rulers!

The strategy game is available in the browser of your choice and for your iOS and Android devices. Register an account and start playing it for free or download it in your respective app store!

by Kyle Hayth

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