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Dragon's Call
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Dragon's Call Description

Roam the expansive fantasy world of StillLand, full of intriguing creatures such as orcs, elves and humans, and take on the destructive forces of evil and track down the missing prince of Glance...


Dragon's Call is a browser-based MMORPG set in a mythological fantasy land. As a young adventurer from the village of Willshire, you are given the chance to prove yourself as the ultimate hero, by doing whatever it takes to locate the missing prince and overthrow your evil opponents.

Start the game by selecting one of three character classes – the strong and vital Warrior, the spiritual and powerful Mage, and the swift and nimble Assassin. As you progress through Dragon's Call, you can achieve one of six additional promoted classes, including the Berserk Warlord, Storm Envoy, Shadow Master, Shield Knight, Flame Overlord and Toxic King.

Participate in ardent PvP combat as well as colossal guild wars in the mighty arena. Test the skills of your character as you engage in battles, loot other players in the wild or take on ferocious monsters using the auto-fight system.

Dragon's Call has a number of exciting features including an in-depth quest system with thousands of quests and missions to embark on. Your character will be rewarded once a quest has been completed. Modify your weaponry with the unique equipment refining system, and power up your attack and defence. Combine equipment for an even more powerful offensive.

Earn gold and experience points by getting a job in the Tavern, Market or Auction House in Dragon's Call. Add or remove friends to your very own friends list and network with other players in the forum. Take on an apprentice as you level up or seek out a mentor to help guide you in the game. Obtain achievement points and strive for the top of the rankings as you kill your enemies, win battles and complete quests in the thrilling browser game Dragon's Call.

by Kyle Hayth

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