Dragons and Titans
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Dragons and Titans
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Dragons and Titans Description

Choose your dragon and prove your worth as a skilled combatant in every battle. In this MOBA, which you can play on Facebook, you find yourself in an ongoing war where heroes are made and glory is won.


In Dragons and Titans, the war between the Titans Astaroth and Hyperion wages on in the world of men. Rather than risk themselves in this perpetual power struggle, the titans have enlisted mortals to fight for them. You play a pivotal role in this war among men as one of the few chosen champions sent to the battlefield once every one hundred years. In the arena, you face other dragon riders, who take up arms against you or by your side. It is up to your small team of champions to overtake the opponents and gain traction in the ongoing conflict.

MOBAs are quite the fun genre - particularly for competitive players. While they are usually based on a very broad lore and feature all kinds of fantastical creatures, Dragons and Titans is much more precise in its focus. The action game features action-packed battles between human dragon riders! Now, if that doesn't sound like a winning combination, we don't know what does.

Whether entering onto the field of battle alone or with friends, you must keep your wits about you to overcome your opponents with a combination of skill, brute force, and strategic maneuvers. The battles in Dragons and Titans take place in an online battle arena, where five champions from each side wage war against each other. Throughout each match you will gain experience in order to grow stronger and unlock various skills, allowing your champion to grow into the ultimate war machine by the end of any given battle. Experience is gained from defeating monsters and taking out enemy champions, as well as taking control of various strategic objectives throughout the battlefield.

Dragons and Titans is playable directly on Facebook, without so much as creating a separate account just for the game. This is a lightweight MOBA game focused on multiplayer, fast paced combat, intense strategy and teamwork. Take up the reigns of your dragon and show this online world what you’re made of.

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