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DragonSoul Description

The world is divided among eight kingdoms and each one is vying to become the rulers of the next age. Become the king of your empire and claim the shattered lands as your own...


Dragon Soul is a free-to-play MMORPG and puts you in the middle of a world torn by war. The dynasty has crumbled and now you must choose one of the eight kingdoms to fight for and lead them to the glory of unifying the lands under your banner.

Over 800 quests await you as you progress with your character through the world of Dragon Soul. Every time you level you will be able to unlock more skills and abilities. Master these and you will surely become the most fearsome warrior of them all.

Dragon Soul gives you the opportunity to become the actual leader of a guild and your faction. Based on players’ votes, you can be elected to lead them into battle. Forge alliances with other guilds and create a royal suite if you manage to achieve this lofty position.

Pets are also an essential part of your journey in Dragon Soul. Level your pet with you as you advance and you will then have a loyal, powerful companion. Utilize your pets many abilities and skills as they will act as a second weapon for you and be a useful ally.

Player versus Player game play is encourage and dynamically integrated in DragonSoul. Take on thousands of other players and prove that you are the best of them all. Show that you have what it takes to defeat your opponents on the battlefield and that you have mastered your character and class.

Take the throne of your kingdom and bring all the land under your control. A world ravaged by war, Dragon Soul must be claimed to bring peace to the land and you must take the reins. Level your character and unlock powerful abilities as you journey across the world and find friends and foes everywhere. Only one kingdom can end up ruling... will it be yours?

DragonSoul Screenshots

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