Dragon Saga: First phase of the Open Beta testing to fire up tomorrow

10/13/2010 07:13 am in News

Dragon Saga, the newest addition to the online games site WarpPortal, will be available to players starting from tomorrow. Both the launch of the Dragon Saga website and the beginning of phase one of the Open Beta testing will kick off this Thursday 14th October.
Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga, formerly known as Dragonica, will open for live beta testing starting 14th October at 3pm PDT, and all users with a WarpPortal account will be able to participate in the testing. Publishers of the fiery online game Dragon Saga stated on the homepage, "During this Phase 1 testing we will be focusing our efforts to test stability and our systems overall. We will also be looking for feedback on the first 30 levels of game play."

Any account created in the open beta will be deleted in apprehension of the second phase of testing. Players of the previous Dragonica service will be able to use their accounts starting from phase two of the Open Beta testing.

Dragon Saga is a free-to-play arcade-style client game set in a rich fantasy world, combining intense combat, a diverse pet system and detailed character customisation. Become a warrior, magician, hunter or villain and take to the battlefield. Create your own house, adopt a cute and loyal pet and play in solo or group game modes.

Source: Game homepage
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