Dragon Saga: The Temperature Is Dropping as the Ice Age Draws Closer

02/11/2011 04:06 am in News

Game publisher Gravity Interactive has announced the launch of 'Kryos Unleashed' to hit the servers of the online game Dragon Saga. New bosses, areas and dungeons await you as the world slowly begins to freeze over and signals the coming of a mighty Ice Age.
Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga

A massive update is going to be released tonight, February 11th, at 7 P.M. PST for the free-to-play online game, Dragon Saga. Gravity Interactive (Eternal Destiny, Ragnarok Online) have introduced several new bosses, dungeons and areas to explore with the 'Kryos Unleashed' update.

The weather is going to be getting colder as the Dragon Fellowship attempt to rally reinforcements from the new area, Buhr Island. Face off against the terrible Glacial Queen and Kryos the Ice Dragon. These are just two of the five new bosses which you will encounter as you take part in adventures and quests in the new areas of Dragon Saga. However, you must prepare for what is to come as well.

You will begin to notice the signs of the world growing ever colder. This means, the horrid creatures in the world of Dragon Saga will be growing ever more powerful. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for the coming onslaught and climate change by utilizing the new trading system.

The Street Stall is a new way to buy, sell and trade items in Dragon Saga. Here you will be able to acquire items that will help you in your fight against the Ice Dragon Kryos and the Glacial Queen.

You will also be able to make your character stronger by using the PvP Tournament system in Dragon Saga. There has been a skill balance adjustment that has helped even out the game play while the Defense Mode has been introduced. Teams are also going to be able to work well together by using the new Flag of Guild option which allows you to assist other players.

Source: Press release, game homepage
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