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Dragon Saga
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Dragon Saga Description

Enter a fantastic world full of adventure, and fight together with other players in this magnificent environment. A nice mix of jump'n'run and role-playing game...


In the client game Dragon Saga, you need to pick one of the four classes first. With this decision, your destiny will already be partly determined. You have the choice of being a warrior, magician, hunter or villain. Of course, each of these classes has its own advantages and disadvantages. Inform yourself well in advance.

Now that you've decided which class you want to belong to in Dragon Saga, you can design the details of your character. Select a gender and a name and change your appearance (hair and face). Then you can start the game and begin your fantastic journey through Dragon Saga.

During the game you will notice that you can create more than just one character. Why this is necessary you will learn later in the game. In the beginning it is important to know that Dragon Saga is based on the PvP system. This means you can choose between two game modes: single or group game. You can either fight in groups with up to ten players or with different teams that each include a maximum of ten players. In the end, the team or the fighter with the highest score and/or the player who is the last alive wins. The kind of victory depends on the type of game that you selected previously.

Also, you can create a house for your character and make it cozy. But do not be lazy for too long, because Dragonica is waiting for you with many exciting challenges.

by Kyle Hayth

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