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Dragon Quest 8
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Dragon Quest 8 Description

Welcome to a world full of monsters, magic, and epic adventures. In this mobile game adaptation of a PlayStation 2 game, you will explore a fantastical world in 3D. A magical roleplaying game for your mobile device awaits you…


Sometimes, you don’t need brand-new games when you can simply relive a fantastic classic on current hardware. Bringing old-school video games to mobile devices to allow an entirely new generation of players to enjoy them (and an entire generation of older players to relive them) is one of our favorite parts about the gaming industry. The Dragon Quest series has been around since 1986. Since the original title came out, the franchise has entertained gamers on multiple platforms. In North America, Dragon Quest 8 originally came out for the PlayStation 2 in 2005 featuring innovative gameplay, features, and more. For once, it was the first title in the series to be released in full 3D using cell-shading visuals.

Now, you can relive the entire experience on your mobile device for a small fee. It doesn’t matter if you prefer playing it on your tablet or smartphone. Neither does it matter whether you have an iOS or Android device. If you want to enjoy a classic game that has been referred to as one of the best games on the PlayStation 2, you simply have to visit your app store and download it. Then, you can go on an iconic RPG journey in a world that features a thick plot, magical creatures, and many fun gameplay elements.

Legend has it that an ancient scepter possesses magical powers that can put an entire kingdom into a cursed slumber. When this happens, only one young hero can embark on an adventurous journey to save the world. In Dragon Quest 8, you will be that one hero whose quest it is to save the world.

You will soon realize that you are not entirely on your own however. The mobile game features tons of monsters that will attack you out of the blue. Certain monsters that you defeat can be tamed to become part of your monster team to support you in heated battles. Participate in arena tournaments to train their skills.

Dragon Quest 8 Screenshots

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