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Dragon Pals
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Dragon Pals Description

Always ached to battle alongside the pets you’ve raised in your favorite MMORPG? In Dragon Pals, the free-to-play browser-based game from R2 Games, you’re encouraged to collect, raise and fight alongside these reptilian guardians of the human race.


Dragon Pals is a free-to-play RPG enabling players to collect, train and fight alongside powerful dragons. You must venture through the side-scrolling adventure to befriend the reptiles to help free the magical world from The Darkness, a force determined to eradicate all life from this pocket of the cosmos.

Living in the colorful world of eons, dragons secreted themselves away in eggs when The Darkness attempted to take over their domain.The combined power of humans and dragons may turn the tide of war against The Darkness and allow the hero, the “Child of Fate”, to emerge and redeem the world.
The browser-based title features three unique classes to choose from, the steadfast Warrior, accurate Archer or balanced Mage. Archers focus on high amounts of damage, trading physical power for defensive capabilities. Warriors outlast their opponents’ fury through strong defensive training, making them weak attackers. Mages offer a balanced alternative, trading power for defense. The selected class is just the first choice in a line of gameplay customization decisions.

Dragon Pals features a unique collection system that empowers each and every character in their fight against The Darkness. The ancient reptiles are the most powerful forces a character can utilize, enabling any class to defend against its weaknesses or empower their strengths. Collecting new dragons increases your options and the strength of your current roster. Collect Dragon Souls to train and raise, morph to boost their growth or challenge them to increase the Battle Rating of beast and trainer.

In addition to a deep connection to one’s Dragon Pals, the RPG features single player dungeons, crafting, PvP arena battles, character housing through a Farm system, a multitude of cross-server events and much, much more.

Dragon Pals Screenshots

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