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Dragon Oath
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Dragon Oath Description

Alongside other assassins and powerful Voodoo priests, you will dive into an online fantasy world based on Buddhist mythology. Explore expansive environments and fight terrifying creatures.


In the free-to-play, client-based MMORPG, Dragon Oath, you will begin your journey as an inexperienced warrior in a mystical land. The focus of this online game is the mastering of various Martial Arts forms and taking up arms in the wars between the eight demigods. Thousands of tasks and quests await you which will pull you ever deeper into the story of Dragon Oath.

In on the online role-playing game Dragon Oath, there are different playable classes for you to choose from. Choose the specialty your character will have and make sure you select carefully, because your choices will influence the gameplay later on. That is because what you choose will determine what role you play in Dragon Oath. You can show off your close-quarters combat skills as a powerful pyromancer or prove that you have the abilities as a member of the Lotus Order by wielding two swords in battle. You can also decide where you wish to be a Taoist, Shaolin or any one of the other classes as you go about your journey. Every warrior in Dragon Oath also has their own mount. Choose your steed from a lion, phoenix or even an ox as your faithful companion as you explore the online fantasy world.

In the online world of Dragon Oath, you are never alone. Thousands of other players are online and are on the same journey as you. Even though you can become a mighty warrior in Dragon Oath, there are some tasks that just cannot be completed alone. Team up with other players and take down powerful, evil monsters that require teamwork and skill to defeat!

by Kyle Hayth

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