Dragon Knights Online: PvP Is not for the Faint of Heart

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Dragon Knights

Dragon Knights

Specialized classes and a wide range of combat modes ensures that PvP combat in DK Online will consistently entertain and challenge players. No two battles or duels will ever be quite the same.

The diversity of classes creates countless challenges since you must not only master your own abilities but also familiarize yourself with the abilities of other character classes to stay one step ahead of your opponents. If you prefer to run in on the front line, cleaving your enemies asunder with a few swift swings of your mighty weapon, then you would do well to play one of the two melee classes, the Warrior or the Paladin. Fret not when your enemies attempt to bring you down from afar, as either class you will also have a few powerful skills up your sleeve to return the punishment from afar or close the gap between you and those cowardly casters. However if you prefer to wield magic and truly terrorize your enemies from a distance, the Sorceress or Shadowmage will be more to your liking. Commanding crippling spells and debuffs, you will be able to keep your foes at bay, crumbling long before they can get close enough to harm you.

You will be able to show off your skills by destroying an opponent one on one, but there are also opportunities for going into battle with your comrades to display your superior stratagem and coordination. In Realm vs. Realm battles you will fight along faction lines, working with allies to obliterate your mutual enemies on a massive field of battle.

For engagements that are slightly more personal than the RvR battles but still require teamwork, you can organize a guild to siege castles and take control of the spoils within, that is until another guild has similar plans in mind and decides to do the same, then it is up to you to defend the keep.

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