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Dragon Heart
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Dragon Heart Description

It's adventure time! Be the Mage, Warrior or Archer you always wanted to be and embark on a journey through a fantasy world that's riddled with secrets and mysterious creatures. Also, loot. Every monster slain will get you one step closer to your goal...


What would the world be without fantasy roleplaying games? A dark and boring place, most likely. Thankfully, online games have plenty to offer to anyone who gets excited by the thought of delving into dungeons and fighting off savage beasts. Dragon Heart is one of those games. Here, you pick a character and roam the magical realm which is home to a wide array of monsters, all looking to cut your adventure short. You will not let them interfere with your plan to rid the world of evil though, especially after gaining experience, growing in power, and honing your combat skills.

No dungeon run will be for naught in Dragon Heart, as every new adventure brings new loot. Items can be picked up and either sold at the nearest merchant for profit or, if you’re lucky, turn out to be an upgrade to what your character is currently equipped with. Increasing stats like Attack or Morale will turn your champion into a force to be reckoned with and make it possible to face even the most difficult of challenges the free fantasy world has to offer. We have good news for you if you were worried about getting lonely in this online game: You won’t have to venture out into the unknown on your own! Not only will other heroes join you on your journey, but a pet system is also in place which gives you access to a very special animal companion. These pets can be collected, trained and upgraded until they eventually turn into majestic beasts that will follow you through thick and thin.

Dragon Heart Online has an intricate turn-based battle system, meaning that you will have to be quick on your toes to counteract special attacks launched by enemy targets. Show them your moves and cast a spell if the situation calls for it! From destructive sorcery to beneficial magic: Every little bit helps when it comes to slaying evil overlords and their vicious minions. Special trinkets will help you keep a cool head during the heat of the battle, so use them to your advantage in this download game!

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