Dragon Eternity
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Dragon Eternity
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Dragon Eternity Description

Enter a world of dragons and fantasy in this free-to-play online game. Choose an empire and fight for the cause as you explore an expansive world and encounter terrifying foes.


Dragon Eternity will take you to the fantasy world of Adan and allow you to create your own hero. Alongside your dragon companion you will explore the world and discover the secrets which are strewn throughout the land. Master your hero and make allies during your adventures as well.

As you venture forth in Dragon Eternity, you will come across opportunities to complete quests. This is a great way to earn experience and rewards which will help you level. The higher level you become, the more powerful you will be and it will unlock new skills.

However, quests are not the only way to encounter enemies and gain experience. In the world of Dragon Eternity, there are freely wandering monsters. Confront these creatures in order to fight them and partake in intense one-on-one combat where you decide which moves to make.

To help you in combat, Dragon Eternity features various orbs, elixirs and insignias. These special items can enhance the performance of your warrior. Sometimes, these items can mean the difference between life and death in a tough battle.

You will also have the opportunity to have your very own dragon companion in Dragon Eternity. There are various kinds of dragons such as Chaos, Wind, Flame, Order and others, each with a unique set of skills. These companions can be vital in your adventures and will always be by your side, ready to fight.

Create a hero and become a legend as you conquer the world around you with your faithful dragon companion in Dragon Eternity. The road is not always easy, but those who survive are sure to make their mark.

by Kyle Hayth

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