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Dragon City
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Dragon City Description

Build a floating island which is inhabited by dragons! You will be the master of these scaly creatures - training, breeding, and tending to them. Connect your game to your Facebook account to challenge other trainers from all over the world…


The concept is almost as old as gaming itself! You collect fantastical pets that you train and tend to to make them stronger. Your creatures have powerful abilities, allowing you to fight against other trainers. Games like Skylanders Battlegrounds and Digimon Masters have done it before. Now, there’s a new mobile game on the gaming horizon that focuses on a very specific theme.

As the title already suggests, Dragon City allows you to collect more than 100 different dragons. Establish your very own collection and make sure that all of your pets are always taken care of. After all, you wouldn’t want an angry or hungry dragon in your collection, now, would you? You can breed all dragons with one another to create brand new types and become the master of them all. There are ten different types of dragons - each with their very own set of skills. You will find Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Legend, and Pure dragons in the mobile app. All of them can also be combined with one another to create hybrid types.

Why would you need different types of dragons, you might ask? Well, naturally you don’t collect your scaly creatures only to have a dangerous petting zoo! You can battle it out against other trainers from all over the world to develop your giant lizards. All you have to do is connect your game to your Facebook account. If you don’t feel like doing that, you can battle it out in hundreds of single player missions.

Since you need a place to tend to your dragons, Dragon City features a floating city in the skies that you will build and customize. Create a city with magical buildings that your dragons will love and your friends will envy.

Dragon City is available for all iOS and Android devices and is completely for free. Simply go to your app store and download it on your smartphone or tablet.

Dragon City Screenshots

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