Dragon Bane Elite
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Dragon Bane Elite
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Dragon Bane Elite Description

Fight fantasy wyverns that roam the world of this free mobile game and join forces with other players to defeat the nefarious dragon lord once and for all! Only together will you be able to reign supreme and slay all evil creatures online.


The evil dragon has risen from its grave and has its sight set on the fantasy races that once defeated him in battle. He and his minions are ready to wreak havoc and destroy everything - and everyone - that dares stand in their path. As an intrepid adventurer, it is up to you to face the dangers that lurk within the shadows and muster other heroes to join your crusade! Dragon Bane Elite allows you to choose between ten different classes and truly live the gameplay experience that fits your play style best. The free-to-play title is available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Want to fight at the forefront and wield powerful weapons? Then become a Berserker in Dragon Bane Elite and dish out as much damage as humanly possible. Both the Druid and the Farseer know ancient spells, granting them access to many buffs and debuffs. The Priest, too, can call upon mysterious healing powers and resurrect fallen soldiers. Pick the Assassin or the Hunter if you are interested in rapid attacks and stealthy maneuvers. Players that enjoy taking on tank duties or being the meat shield of the group are welcome to slip into the role of a Swordsman. Plate armor and massive tower shields will then absorb most of the damage and keep offensive opponents at bay.

In Dragon Bane Elite, your path to fantasy fame and glory will be paved with countless quests and dangerous missions. It is wise to take friends with you when venturing inside gloomy caverns and dark caves, especially if there’s a boss monster waiting to obliterate you. Work together with online friends and companions to take on even the most difficult of challenges in this mobile RPG and lend a helping hand to others that may need your guidance. You can, of course, also join battlegrounds and engage in player-versus-player combat with other Dragon Bane Elite heroes. The bigger the battle, the better the rewards!

Dragon Bane Elite Screenshots

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