Dragomon Hunter
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Dragomon Hunter
What to expect:
  • Explore a Vast Fantasy World for Free
  • Fight against Hundreds of Different Dragomon
  • Defeat and Collect these Fantastical Creatures
  • Choose One of Your Dragomon to Be Your Mount
  • Roam the Anime World to Find Weapons and Equipment
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Enjoy Dragomon Hunter for Free

Travel to the fantastical world of Dragomon Hunter to hunt and collect more than 100 different creatures! The hunt is on.


Are you a brave adventurer who loves to explore foreign worlds and meet fantastical creatures? Dragomon Hunter might just be the right game for you. Welcome to an anime world that is inhabited by more than 100 different monsters called Dragomon. While the name implies that these are some kinds of dragons, Dragomon actually come in all shapes and sizes. Sure, there are dragon-like monsters whose awe-inspiring teeth and sharp claws make you consider twice whether you want to actually fight against them. However, there are also ape-like behemoths, Griffins, and other mythological creatures from all kinds of folklore. All of them roam the world of Dragomon Hunter. You slip into the role of a brave adventurer who sets out into the wilderness to catch and collect them all.

What Was Once an Enemy Will Soon Be Your Mount

In the MMORPG, you explore a huge world on a quest to find and collect the next big monster. Since these are wild creatures, they will defend themselves. Defeat them in heated fights and collect them all. Once you’ve shown that Dragomon that you’re the dominant master, you can use each and every one of them as yourt mount. Feel like exploring the world on the back of a gigantic dragon? Find one and defeat them! You might not want to use every monster as a mount, but you should still defeat any you come across. Each Dragomon drops nifty loot that you can use to craft powerful gear.

Multiplayer and Classes

Dragomon Hunter is a free-to-play MMORPG for Windows PC. As a true roleplaying game, you get to choose your character. Decide which of the following four classes best match your preferred play style.

  • Scout
  • Mercenary
  • Mage
  • Cleric

Each of the classes has different skills and weaknesses. Choose your preferred hero, find other players, and go on fun hunting quests with a group of friends to take down gigantic Dragomons.

Dragomon Hunter Screenshots

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Dragomon Hunter Videos

Dragomon Hunter News

  • Dragomon Hunter: Get Married and Collect Hearts

    07/25/2016 06:02 am - The free-to-play MMORPG Dragomon Hunter has gotten quite a few new features and content last week. Berlin based publisher Aeria Games has released a patch that adds a marriage system to the online roleplaying game. Giving players the option to get ma...more

  • Dragomon Hunter: New Update Raises Level Cap

    06/17/2016 07:31 am - It really must feel good to be a Dragomon Hunter player! The guys and girls over at Aeria Games never stop dishing out new content. The MMORPG’s community can basically expect to get a new patch every month. After a new mining system for more resourc...more

  • Dragomon Hunter: New Mining System for More Resources

    05/13/2016 07:34 am - Almost a month after the last bigger update, the anime MMORPG Dragomon Hunter is getting its next patch that is bringing a few interesting features to the online game. One of the central parts of the update is the new Mining System that players will...more

Dragomon Hunter Giveaways

  • Dragomon Hunter: Get Free Closed Beta Access Now

    10/19/2015 06:01 am - Have you ever dreamed of exploring a vast fantasy world inhabited by giant monsters and dragons? Think of a free online version of Pokémon with numerous other players from all over the world. In Dragomon Hunter, you have the chance to do just that. H...more

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