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Doom Warrior
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Doom Warrior Description

Unleash your inner warrior and become one with the rage that fills every fiber of your being as you defeat other players in arena battles and execute boss monsters with strings of special attacks. The gladiators are waiting for you to join their ranks!


Doom Warrior is a competitive game that will have you climbing the official ranking and building up a reputation among fellow players. You start by unlocking different arenas by playing through main story missions, as these battlegrounds are the best and easiest way to quickly upgrade your character. New talents must be learned and attributes need to be increased if you want to take out the competition and lead your clan to victory in this free-to-play MMO! Putting points into Strength will determine how much damage you are able to dish out during battles, whereas boosting your Toughness will help you increase your health. Master your battlecry as you intimidate opposing players and take out one arena champion after the next.

There’s a lot of fame and glory to collect while playing Doom Warrior, especially after joining a clan. Think of clans as guilds or alliances, if you will. Teaming up with other players is a good way to work on your strategy and bring out the best in your character. Talk to like-minded players about which items to craft, which build to further pursue and how to customize your warrior to prepare for weekly challenges and regular tournaments. Just keep in mind that as a clan member, losing will no longer only affect your rating, but also take away from your clan’s battle points. Don’t let your friends down!

After downloading Doom Warrior for free on your computer or mobile device, you choose a character and jump into the ruthless fantasy world as a wee level one hero. It is up to you to collect experience points and unlock new levels as you play through missions and successfully complete arena battles. Your opponents include other players, arena champions, boss monsters and non-player characters. The better you dodge, block and execute special abilities, the faster you can start working on crafting your own equipment. Here, items can also be enchanted and imbued with runes to boost your stats.

Doom Warrior Screenshots

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