Dogs of War Online
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Dogs of War Online
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Dogs of War Online Description

In this turn-based online game you will need to develop your tactics before you expect to be successful in the arena. Alongside your team of mercenaries you will be thrust into innumerable dangers


Dogs of War Online is a free-to-play MMO which is based on the board game with the same title (minus the “Online” part). You will find three races embroiled in the competitive arena battle system in this game. The first race is the Rams, whose followers are a horde of undead monsters. The second are the deceptive Lions and the final race is the Wolves, known throughout the world as bandits who don’t take kindly to outsiders.

You will need to give it everything you’ve got in each battle to come out on top. The hexagonal battlefields are unforgiving slaughterhouses where the weak are defeated in the blink of an eye and only the strong or the quick witted stand a chance. Just like in the board game, the battlefields are six sided and there are various units to choose from that are specific to each class. Gather up your forces and polish up your tactics, your best bet for victory is planning your maneuvers in advance and waiting for the proper moment to execute them. When you come face to face with your opponents on the battlefield there is no turning back, it’s do or die.

Between the chaos of battle and anything else that might go wrong during your game, you must always keep your eyes set on your path to victory, keeping your enemies at bay while you march forward. When there are no battles to take part in, you will have other opportunities to hone your skills and tactics, while improving the overall strength of your troops through missions and the like. Only with patience and practice will you become a seasoned veteran in Dogs of War Online, able to defeat even the most powerful of adversaries.

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