Dofus: Alliances and Guild Wars Thanks to New Update

06/25/2013 04:17 am by Anna Radak in NewsDownload GamesRPG



According to the developers, social interaction within the Dofus community is close to non-existent. This is something they have been meaning to change and with update 2.13, the first stepping stone is about to fall into place. The patch goes live today and introduces alliances to the free-to-play roleplaying game. Leaders from all over the world now have the chance to found an alliance with other guilds and use the newly accumulated power to rise to the top of their respective server. 

Keep in mind that brute strength is not all you need, as organization, diplomacy and negotiation are key elements when it comes to reigning over the World of Twelve. Show what you and your friends are made of by taking over entire zones and battling it out against other clans - after all, that is what the new player-versus-player mode is all about. Detailed information on alliances can be found in the video below: 
Source: Game homepage
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