Dofus: Beta test server for update to fantasy MMORPG now live!

12/09/2010 10:49 am in News

All current players of the client-based online game Dofus have the chance to participate in the Beta test phase of game version 2.3.0, which started just a few days ago. Significant changes and improvements have been made as part of this game update.


The Beta test server for Dofus 2.3.0 is now live and available for any players with a Dofus account, and the Beta client is available for download at the game homepage. The popular 'Kwismas Island' instance is also set to make a return on December 14th, after being out of action in 2009. Kwismas Island will only be available in December. It is a snow-covered and timeless island, where endless adventures await you. As part of this year’s massive Dofus update to version 2.0, the content in Kwismas Island has also undergone radical transformation.

The game version 2.0 went live this year, with several new features. Some of these changes include upgrades to the chat system, in-game emotes, menu bar, graphics, breeding, guilds, performance and more.

Dofus is a fantasy-themed client game, where as a 2D character you collect magical eggs, learn a variety of professions, collect valuable items and fight against your enemies. Travel with a loyal pet companion, and discover all the mysteries of the rich and colorful world of Dofus.
Source: Game homepage, game developer’s blog
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