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Collect the six magical eggs and become incredibly powerful! As adventurer you roam the countryside, make wonderful friends and learn of many mysteries...


Dofus is set in a manga-like animated cartoon world. The characters are animated in 2D and are extremely varied in shape. The avatar which you create at the beginning of the game, you can equip with various items to alter its appearance. Each character has very specific properties that determine the entire game. The profession you pick also determines your abilities in this massively multiplayer role-playing game.

The game concept basically consists of wandering around the world, solving problems, collecting items and trading them. Along your way you will not only meet friends but also many enemies. You can duel individually or fight in a group. Various magical options will make the fights more interesting and add more possibilities to heal the character.

If you want to be accepted as a visitor from Amaknas, you should choose a respectable profession. A good job gives you the opportunity to gather resources you need for life. There’s a wide range of professions to choose from. You can either exploit primary raw materials or become a craftsman to further process them. You can trade your goods with other players.

Since you'll be traveling for a long time, you should find some companions. They can offer entertainment and help you with various tasks. Also, it is interesting to walk through the game with other players. You can talk with each other and master adventures together.
Dofus is a game client. That means it is necessary to download a game client. It contains all the important files which are necessary to play the game.

by Kyle Hayth

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