Doctor Who - Worlds in Time
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Doctor Who - Worlds in Time
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Doctor Who - Worlds in Time Description

As a time traveler with an attitude, you will embark on epic adventures and help Doctor Who in his quest to save the world. Be careful, you never know what kind of monsters are waiting for you…


In the sci-fi, browser-based game Doctor Who- World in time, you will be able to experience the time-travelling adventures directly from the famous television series. You will courageously confront challenging tasks and accompany the famous Doctor on his travels through time. Your journey begins much like in the series, in a “Time Machine” made out of a police telephone booth.

On your tour of discovery, you will find yourself in an array of different settings, which are easily recognizable from the television series. In Doctor Who – World in Time, you will meet a ridiculous number of monsters. You should always be on your toes because you never know what mean little beasts will be waiting around the next corner.
As a clever helper on the side of the renowned Doctor, you will support him as he saves the world. However, before you get a chance to really experience your own adventure in Doctor Who – Worlds in Time, you get to create your own character. There are four different classes for you to choose from. After you have chosen which path you wish to follow, you can then customize your character down to the last detail.
Jump in the TARDIS and save the world in this time-travelling browser game.

Doctor Who - Worlds in Time Screenshots

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